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The Re-manufacturing Process

Below are 7 steps that take approximately 1 week per step.

1. The vehicle is stripped down to the bare chassis and then inspected, repaired and tested. The old paint treatment is stripped down and then treated with a rust repellent and re-sprayed.

2. Step 2, 3 and 4 include stripping and reconditioning suspension, axles, gearbox, transfer box and the engine. Once this is done, all parts are then fitted back onto the vehicle according to original manufacturer specifications. The cab is rebuilt, painted and fitted to the chassis with a new dashboard and finally, re-upholstered.

All Samils are right-hand drive. Our workshop does left-hand drive conversions and manufactures new dashboards to accommodate the conversion.

5. We then fit a new electrical wiring harness, pneumatics, hydraulics and ancillary components.

6. The vehicle then follows a monitored 500km test process making sure that the vehicle performs within specifications and the necessary Load Body is fitted. The vehicle is then subjected to a final independent inspection.

7. The last step in the re-manufacturing process consists of ensuring that all necessary export documentation is done for the vehicle.

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Re-manufacturing Process